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Reducing workload in reporting Pupil Premium spend

The new Pupil Premium strategy template asks schools to define their intended outcomes and evidence for the approaches they are using. ImpactEd Evaluation helps schools to:

  • Reduce workload in reporting to DfE and governors by writing dedicated impact reports for our partner schools
  • Easily define their target outcomes, whether attainment, wellbeing, attendance or broader social and emotional development
  • Improve the impact of their Pupil Premium strategies by understanding what approaches are working best and which can be deprioritised

This helps schools use Pupil Premium funding effectively to improve outcomes for young people.

Reducing workload and targeting funding

Keyham Lodge School is a special school serving a highly disadvantaged community, with over 70% of pupils receiving Pupil Premium and 10% of families having received criminal convictions.

A particular challenge they identified in their Pupil Premium strategy statement was that “Students at our school have big gaps in their resilience, through a lack of parental support/opportunities in their early years. They also have a high level of anxiety around failure and praise, which inhibits their learning and aspirations”.

In order to address this, Keyham Lodge put in place a weekly series of ‘My Skills’ sessions which integrates personal development skills alongside the formal curriculum. The School Impact Platform was used to baseline pupils’ meta-cognition, motivation and academic resilience (grit), which helped target support at an individual level. Following the completion of a term’s activities, these assessments were repeated to measure impact. Results from the School Impact Platform were then simply exported and copy/pasted into PP reporting, reducing workload.

Vicky Edwards, Headteacher, Keyham Lodge School:
“ImpactEd Evaluation has helped us measure the impact of our activities more rigorously than we could have before and focus our funding on the things that matter most. In the first year of working together on Life Skills, we saw a 25% increase in pupils making expected progress in Maths, as well as a 62% reduction in exclusions and 21% reduction in persistent absentees. This has helped us as a school focus on what matters most for the community we work in.”

Demonstrating the impact of PP-funded enrichment programmes

Rushey Mead Academy in Leicester have worked with us on their “PP Champions” programme which promotes involvement in enrichment activities for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The findings of their evaluation showed a statistically significant impact on attendance which was then used in annual PP reporting and for governors. It also showed greater levels of impact on attainment for KS4 than KS3. Teachers had implemented the programme differently at KS4: Rushey Mead then replicated this approach for younger pupils to achieve more consistent impact across the school. You can read about the Pupil Premium Champions programme in Rushey Mead’s PP impact statement.

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