Evaluating EdTech: Emerging findings & recommendations

Emerging findings and recommendations from our 'Evaluating EdTech' report

The EdTech sector has been booming over recent years. The need and want for EdTech was put into overdrive as a consequence of the conditions imposed on the education sector by Covid-19, and it's not set to slow down; global EdTech expenditure is projected to reach $404bn by 2025. It’s clearly an exciting time for EdTech. 

That being said, there’s a growing body of evidence demonstrating that schools are beginning to be more scrupulous in their decision making around buying EdTech; this is as a result of there being so many EdTech products to choose from, as well as school budgets being even tighter than before. 

Schools have often cited that their buying decisions are influenced by evaluation data around the EdTech product, which has made organisations in the sector understand the importance of, and need for, evaluating their offer.

At ImpactEd, we have experience delivering these sorts of evaluations in the EdTech sector so we've written a report drawing on findings from the evaluations we’ve delivered for our EdTech partners that summarises the evidence around what good EdTech can bring to schools, as well as understanding what works when evaluating EdTech products. 

Our findings come from our work with a range of organisations in the EdTech sector, some of which include:
     Department for Education
     • Educake
     • Oak National Academy
     • Nesta EdTech R&D Programme.

We think this report will be a useful tool for EdTech organisations, especially smaller start-ups, looking for a starting point in their evaluation journey. 

Download the report here.

Our support offer to education and EdTech organisations

Our Evaluating EdTech research has illustrated the value that EdTech can bring to schools and pupils as well as the importance of organisations being able to evidence the impact that EdTech is having on the education sector.

We currently help organisations with gathering evidence to demonstrate the impact of their EdTech products and interventions by:
• Supporting to build their capacity for evaluation
: Introducing evaluation processes and tools such as Theory of Change, researching validated measures and streamlining data collection systems as well as providing staff training on evaluation-specific topic.
• Running external evaluations: Helping organisations to learn from and report on their impact through a variety of approaches and evaluation designs, including both quantitative and qualitative methods.

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