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Talking Impact: Evaluation & EdTech

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Talking Impact is a series of termly workshops by ImpactEd. They provide an opportunity for our partners and the wider education community to discuss all things related to impact and education. Each one spotlights a different research and evaluation topic and is designed to help to develop attendees’ knowledge of evaluation and inform their own practice.

We are hosting our third workshop in this series on 21st June 2023 via Zoom and the spotlight is on evaluation of digital tools.

The first half of the session will include a short presentation of our paper on EdTech's impact on teacher workload, pupil outcomes, and disadvantaged pupils as well as recommendations for evaluating EdTech, followed by a panel discussion on using evaluation to inform greater impact of digital services. This will be followed in the second half by a facilitated networking session and a chance to share practice informally.

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