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Helping Delight identify the most beneficial aspects of their arts-based learning programme

Delight is a charity that works to increase children’s self-esteem and learning engagement through the delivery of arts-based learning in partner schools. These programmes are child-centred, but to achieve maximum impact, they also target the teachers who support the children through wrap-around CPD support in developing confidence and knowledge in integrating arts-based learning into their teaching. 

ImpactEd Evaluation is currently working with Delight over a 3-year partnership to independently deliver an impact evaluation of their intervention. With data gathered via surveys and focus groups with children, ImpactEd Evaluation has delivered two annual impact reports, and is currently working on the final report, which will pull together the findings and draw conclusions on an annual and longitudinal level

This is helping Delight in identifying which aspects of their intervention have the strongest benefit for children, along with the schools, teachers and parents/families who support them

Over the course of the past 2 years, evidence showed that: 

  • Children showed a significant improvement in their confidence associated with the arts
  • Children improved in their team-working and communication skills
  • Children were more able to visualise potential creative careers for themselves
  • Teachers reported an increase in their level of confidence in delivering arts-based education.

Jess Clarke, Head of Programmes and People
“Delight's partnership with ImpactEd Evaluation has allowed us to take our passion for measuring impact to the next level. Having an independent evaluation partner has enabled us to enrich and strengthen our offer to schools. ImpactEd Evaluation have been a responsive and collaborative partner to work with.”

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