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Helping Jamie’s Farm explore the effect of farm visits on young people

Jamie’s Farm is a charity that provides a 5-day residential programme in farms and follow-up sessions after the visits. Visiting young people are practically involved in all elements of running the farm; they are provided with opportunities to live and work as an extended family and demonstrate meaningful relationships. They receive therapeutic support during the visit and through a follow-up programme after their visit, they bring their learnings back to their daily lives.

Using ImpactEd Evaluation's School Impact Platform for 5 years

Jamie’s Farm has been using the School Impact Platform since 2018. Through the platform they have been able to track visiting young people’s outcomes, such as wellbeing over a long period of time, while also adjusting their measures yearly according to their own needs. This is giving them insight into their long-term impact.

In addition to tracking young people’s outcomes throughout the years, Jamie’s Farm also plans to compare visiting groups’ outcomes to those of comparison groups that haven’t been to the farms. This provides them with a better understanding of the trajectory young people might have experienced without a visit to Jamie’s Farm.

The results of their data collection through the School Impact Platform can be seen through their annual impact reporting. You can find their 2020-21 academic year report on their website.

Chloe Thomas, Head of Impact and Influence at Jamie’s Farm
'The team at ImpactEd Evaluation are insightful and highly effective in their work with us, and are developing the platform to meet our specific requirements. Collecting data from schools can be challenging, but our partnership with ImpactEd Evaluation enables us to track our impact on young people over a longer period and has made comparison group data far more accessible than it ever has been before.’

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